Glute WOD – 10 Great Moves To Blast Your Glutes

This glute WOD covers 10 moves you can do using a BOSU ball to blast your glutes and give you a strong, shapely booty. Coach Brian with Critical Bench leads you through this balance trainer workout.

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Table of Contents

Glute WOD


Warm Up

Perform glute stretches and warm up of your choice before you begin the workout.


You can add resistance or weight and build your own routine with customized number of sets and reps depending on your fitness and ability.

Hip Thrusts
Single-Leg Hip Thrusts
Glute Bridge
Single-Leg Glute Bridge
Bulgarian Split Lunge
Forward Lunge
Curtsy Lunge
Single Leg Balance (15-30 seconds)
Back Extensions
Frog Pump (high reps)

For more glute workouts, visit the Critical Bench YouTube channel.

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